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Choosing the Right Picture Frames for Your Pictures

A beautiful picture deserves to be immortalized, and what better way to do that than with a well-chosen picture frame. There are many styles of these frames today, but it takes a good understanding of the basic styles to find the one that is a perfect complement to the beauty of the subject.

One of the most popular types of pictures frames today are wooden picture frames, which are perfect for those who want a classic and elegant feel. Depending on the finish used, wood frames provide lots of options. Pictures with warmer tones, like brown, orange or red, look stunning with darker frames made from walnut or mahogany. On the other hand, those with cooler tones, such as greens and lavenders, are great for lighter-colored wood frames like those made from ash or oak.

Of course, picking a wood frame will also have something to do with other decor in the room. Wood frames can have simple designs or intricate details, so make sure you consider the room's aesthetic and looking for something that matches well.

Another popular option you have are black or white picture frames. Putting a photo in a black or white frame can highlight the photo's beauty. Black lends a formal look, while white adds a more casual and eclectic feel. Either one has a modern feel to it and gives any picture a kind of streamlined appeal.

A black frame will emphasize the darker features of a photo and provide a contrast to the lighter ones. That's why photos with a combination of light and dark tones go great with the balancing effect of a black frame. Check out for the best designs for picture framing.

Interestingly, white frames tend to create the same effect. They can highlight the darkness in a photo and make the lighter shades blend with the background. White frames are best for informal, candid photos. Black and white photos can also look gorgeous in black or white frames, giving a very artistic vibe, especially when the photos are arranged across an entire wall.

Lastly, there are also metallic frames which work a lot like black frames in that they carry a contemporary, trendy look. They can emphasize the colors in a photo, making them more radiant and attractive. Because of the classiness of metallic picture frames, they are a popular choice for family portraits, weddings and other memorable captured moments. Casual shots, on the other hand, usually look better in a wooden, black or white frame. Black and white photos are also a great match to metallic frames, offering a whole new life to the photo.

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